DPD driver has to be delivered out of his own van after getting locked in 5 months ago

DPD driver has to be delivered out of his own van after getting locked in

Now we know where our parcels are

A DPD driver was forced to continue his deliveries while locked in the back of his truck - with footage of the incident quickly going viral across social media.


Having become trapped in the back of his van after the door slammed shut whilst on a street in Cardiff, a DPD driver became an internet sensation, with many applauding his commitment to the job.

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Music student Cat Eden, 20, discovered the trapped driver upon hearing noises outside her flat. Eden assisted the gentleman but found herself once again journeying outside after he became trapped again, only five feet from his original spot.

Naturally, Eden filmed the second rescue and the footage shows the driver passing the student his fob through a gap in the van door.

The unnamed driver can be heard saying: "Can you see it? You need to put that on the door and it should release me, got it?"


After finally being released - hopefully, for the last time - he exclaims: "That's twice now, I don't understand how it's doing it."

While Eden suggested that getting back in the van was a bad idea, the driver insisted that he has too many packages to deliver.

Since posting the video on TikTok, it has been viewed over 1.2 million times. Most people are sharing what they would've done in such a situation, to which one person explained: "Noo I would be too embarrassed to ask for help and have to live in there."


Another added: "That welsh accent makes this 100 x better."

Others touched on the logic of the situation. One person explained: "open the left door, close the right door and the left won't shut." This was echoed numerous times, with another adding: "Just open the other door because then the right one can't close."

Another DPD delivery driver chimed in and said: "I work for DPD and this happened to me last week. I was stuck in the back for an hour."

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