Twerking bride giving groom lap dance in thong has broken the internet 5 months ago

Twerking bride giving groom lap dance in thong has broken the internet

Weddings just got a lot more enjoyable

A video showing a bride twerking on her now-husband has gone viral, leaving many husbands questioning why they never received their obligatory lap dance.


In front of a large crowd of guests, all with their phones out, a Florida bride gave her new husband the wedding gift a lot of men could only dream of. Clad in a shimmery backless apron-style dress, complete with a matching thong, the bride really got the party started while flanked by other dancers - presumably her bridesmaids.


The dancer, since identified as Rochelle, has set Twitter ablaze with her moves racking upย over 2.9 million views.

"Is that the bride?!?!?" wrote the initial poster, who appears to be screen recording an Instagram story.

Set to Beyonce's aptly named 'Dance for you', the bride dips and twerks on her hubby's lap as he smiles ear to ear.

The bride and her crew then get down to TikTok's "Twerkulator" dance, leaving the crowd clapping and screaming in support.


One Twitter user responded: "She couldn't wait to get him to the bedroom after their I do's so she brought the bedroom to the reception."

But not everyone agrees.


"This is trashy and no one is gonna make me think otherwise," wrote another Twitter user.

Another echoed the sentiment and apparently forgot to take her finger off the caps key: "I SAID KEEP IT CLASSY BE A FUCKING LADY."

Other people simply called it what it is - a personal choice.


"Why's everyone so bothered? the bride is happy and the groom is happier? is it your wedding? let people enjoy the tastes they enjoy," wrote one supporter.

"It's folks concerned with how this looks, I mean it's HER wedding? Lmao she can literally do anything she wants," said another.

Regardless of your position, at least she had fun and looked good while doing it!

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