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05th Jul 2022

The longest walkable distance on Earth which no one is known to have completed

April Curtin

Group walking on mountain

You would have to walk for 187 days non-stop to finish it

The longest walkable distance seems to be so long that nobody has dared to complete it yet.

The route takes you from Cape Town in South Africa all the way to the port town of Magadan in far-east Russia.

While many will have strolled across sections of this route, nobody on the planet is thought to have ever walked from one end to the other.

The walking route was recently brought to the internet’s attention by TikToker @sherifelsahly.

He explained how the distance between these two locations is a whopping 22,387 km.

“It will take you approximately 4,500 hours of walking to complete it,” he said.

“That means it would take 187 days of non-stop walking to finish it,” he added, “And to this day nobody has completed it.”

@sherifelsahly Do you think you can complete this??#sherifelsahly ♬ original sound – sherifelsahly

If you decided to walk eight hours each day, this walk would take you 562 days to complete. So, only one and a bit years of your life. No biggie.

The video has been liked by nearly 20,000 viewers, with many joking about how their parents would make out their walk to school was actually the longest.

“That’s how my parents went to school every morning,” one said.

“My parents going to school in their stories,” another added.

Of course, there are people who have walked considerable distances across the world.

Dave Kunst, for example, was the first verified person to complete an entire circuit of the Earth on foot – starting in June 1970, and completing his 14,450 mile journey just over four years later.

We think we’ll stick to our Sunday strolls thanks.

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