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19th Jun 2022

New photos show a centuries-old shipwreck carrying lost treasure worth billions of dollars

Simon Bland

The ship’s treasure is believed to be worth around $17bn by today’s standards

Newly released photos claim to show a centuries old shipwreck off the coast of Columbia that contains lost treasure worth billions of dollars by today’s standards.

Photos of the San Jose galleon, which was sank by the British navy in 1708 whilst loaded with treasure, were unveiled during a recent press event hosted by the Columbian army.

Billed as one of the world’s most valuable shipwrecks – as detailed in Business Insider – the galleon was lost for centuries following its sinking during the War of the Spanish Succession.

The 64-gun vessel was believed to have had over 600 people on board when it went down, alongside 200 tones worth of precious treasure, including gold and silver coins and many emeralds and ceramics.

By today’s valuation, the ship’s sunken treasure is believed to be worth around $17bn – earning the galleon the moniker ‘the holy grail of shipwrecks’.

Despite being found back in 2015, Columbian officials have kept its exact location a closely guarded secret. However Columbian president Iván Duque recently teased previously unseen pictures of the ship at the bottom of the ocean during a press conference held on June 6.

During the 13-minute clip included above, viewers can see images that reportedly show a range of sunken treasures – including swords, coins and Chinese ceramics.

The footage was reportedly captured via remotely controlled state-of-the-art equipment that delved to a whopping 3,280 feet to fully explore the ship’s hidden corners.

Commenting on the find, Duque explained: “The idea is to recover it and to have sustainable financing mechanisms for future extractions,” adding that “In this way, we protect the treasure, the patrimony of the San Jose galleon.”

In addition, Duque revealed that the process of exploring and uncovering the San Jose galleon had also helped authorities locate two additional shipwrecks nearby, including a schooner that is believed to be from the 1800s and a colonial boat.

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