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08th Nov 2023

Incredible Vietnam Bridge Looks Like A Scene From ‘Lord Of The Rings’

Callum Boyle

Vietnam golden bridge

Simply incredible

A footbridge in Vietnam is going viral, with many people comparing it to something they would see in the Lord of the Rings universe.

Cau Vang, which means gold bridge, opened back in July 2018 and his since become a huge talking point for those visiting Vietnam.

Coated in a golden colour the bridge isn’t the actual talking point. Instead, the standout feature of this bridge is the two giant stone hands which look like they are holding it up.

Both hands come out of the hillside to create a cradling motion.

Standing at 1,400 metres above sea level, the bridge is often above cloud line, giving the illusion that you have transported to some sort of fantasy world.

Located near Na Dang, Central Vietnam, the bridge has been a tourist attraction ever since it welcomed customers as those wanting to see the bridge try and get that perfect snap for their Instagram.

The bridge was part of a $2bn investment project at the time and was top of the list of 100 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2018 – just two months after being opened.

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