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22nd Dec 2023

Quiz: How well do you know those Boxing Day results from 1963?

Callum Boyle

JOE Quiz

There’s no way any of you are getting full marks

The Boxing Day results from 1963 are part of football Twitter history.

Every week we’re told how crazy they are. Almost as crazy as Will Still’s 22-game unbeaten run at Reims or as mind-boggling as Luton’s away end (you walk through gardens to get to your seat?!?!?).

But this the créme de la créme of them all.

For years now I’ve seen people claim that they’ve seen those scores so often that they could tell you all the scores.

So guess what? That’s exactly what you’re gonna do.

You’ve got five minutes to get them all and if any of you even get a score higher than four, you’ll be a certified football nerd.

Best of luck and a nice reminder that if the link below doesn’t work. you can click the link here:

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