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20th Nov 2023

Quiz: Name the top 20 Premier League goal scorers of all time

Callum Boyle

JOE Quiz

All those episodes of Premier League Years have finally come in handy

Barclays is your passion is it? Endless re-runs of Premier League Years on your television screens are all you watch midweek? This quiz should be a breeze then.

It’s simple: We want you to name all 20 of the Premier League’s all-time leading goal scorers.

This list will take you back down memory lane and I would back you to get at least 14 of these right at bare minimum. If not, you need to go and watch more compilations of Premier League strikers banging in goals.

There’s only five minutes to get them all so you’ll have to be quick on the ball, but I have the upmost faith you will do me proud.

If the link to the quiz isn’t working then click here.

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