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20th Sep 2022

Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden for sitting 14 rows from the front at Queen’s funeral

Jack Peat

‘If I were president, they wouldn’t have sat me back there’

Donald Trump has mocked Joe Biden after he was sat 14 rows from the front at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Sounding off on his Truth Social platform on Monday evening, shortly after the Queen was laid to rest in the UK, the former President posted an image of Biden’s position, indicating that it showed “no respect” for the USA.

“This is what’s happened to America in just two short years. No respect! However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries,” wrote Trump.

“If I were president, they wouldn’t have sat me back there—and our Country would be much different than it is right now!”

The former real estate magnate then added: “In Real Estate, like in Politics and in Life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!!!”

Trump and other former US presidents were not invited to attend the Queen’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey in London due to the high number of dignitaries attending.

The Bidens were seated 14 rows back at the service with 2,000 guests, including about 500 presidents, kings, princes and prime ministers from around the globe.

The ceremony turned out to be a great leveller for many World leaders, most of whom were bussed in by coach and told to leave their private jets at home.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian PM Anthony Albanese and New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern were amongst the leaders who travelled to the Queen’s funeral by bus on Monday morning.

Trudeau said that “a lot of great conversations happen on the bus”, while Ardern said she didn’t think the bus travel warranted “too much fuss”.

US President Joe Biden was allowed to skip the coach trip – instead travelling separately in the famous presidential car, ‘The Beast’.

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