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24th Mar 2022

World’s deadliest sniper denies being dead and taunts ‘amateur’ Russians

Danny Jones

World's deadliest sniper alive in Ukraine

The marksman still looks very much alive

The man considered the “world’s deadliest sniper” has rubbished Russian reports he is dead by posting on his own Facebook. He’s even given interviews with multiple news outlets. Who’s going to tell Putin?

Following a period of radio silence, it was feared by many that the decorated Canadian sniper simply known as ‘Wali’ had been killed during the conflict, with Russian outlets having reported as such.

However, in a post on his Facebook page on March 22, he revealed that this was little more than fake news and propaganda, stating that his social media black-out was simply because he didn’t have his phone on him while fighting on the frontline.

The captions reads: “I am alive. For proof, here I am in the position of a super tactical sniper special forces commando warrior in a ball pool.

“The rumours that I died in the fight were completely ridiculous. The truth is we have taken the enemy’s ground in addition to causing him losses. Unfortunately, we also lost comrades, dead”

Speaking to Canadian news outlet CBC News shortly after, Wali assured there was “not a single scratch” on him and joked that he was “pretty much the last person alive to learn about [his] death”.

Wali flew to the now war-torn country on March 13 after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on trained military fighters to help Ukraine defend itself.

Global News journalist Ashleigh Stewart also spoke to the Royal Canadian 22nd Regiment legend, informing her that he is currently resting in the country’s capital Kyiv.

He also mocked Russia for attempting to spin his supposed for their own propaganda, saying, “I don’t understand why they are doing this because it’s so amateur.”

The world’s deadliest sniper – who reportedly killed an ISIS operative in Iraq with a 3.45 km shot back in 2017 – went on to say: “The Russians are afraid of a close fight. They prefer to bomb, over and over again, destroying houses, like frustrated thugs.

Updating Quebec newspaper La Presse on the situation in Ukraine, he insisted that “the tanks stay on the outskirts” and “Russians are afraid to get closer. There is very little direct contact between the fighters, but the pressure is really intense”.

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