Woman claims Johnny Depp is the father of her child in bizarre court outburst 2 months ago

Woman claims Johnny Depp is the father of her child in bizarre court outburst

She later confirmed she was joking

There was a bizarre moment in the multi-million dollar defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp court on Monday when a Johnny Depp fan stood up and claimed he was the father to her baby.


Fans of Depp have been gathering outside the Virginia courtroom since the very start of the trial, with many spending huge amounts of time and money to show their support for the actor.

But one woman had to be removed from the courthouse on Monday after a bizarre outburst.

According to Law & Crime Network, the court was taking its morning break when the woman stood up with her baby and yelled from the gallery: "Johnny I love you, our souls are connected!"


Depp has not been afraid to interact with his fans throughout the trial and so he apparently turned around and waved to the woman.

She then proceeded to hold up the baby and shouted: "This baby is yours!"

Unsurprisingly, she was then promptly removed from the court.


The incident was reported by Law & Crime Network host Angenette Levy, who later tweeted that the woman told them the outburst was a joke.

Throughout the trail, Depp's fans have caught the attention of many, including the actor himself.


Last week, he joked that he had cooked his fans waffles for breakfast, and a few days ago he delighted his admirers by adopting his Captain Jack Sparrow character.

His defamation trial against Amber Heard is in its sixth and final week, with closing arguments to be heard on Friday. The jury will then retire to deliberate their decision.

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