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11th Aug 2022

Woman arrested after husband caught her on video allegedly using drain cleaner to poison him

Charlie Herbert

The husband claims he filmed her poisoning his drinks on three occasions

A dermatologist in California has been arrest after she was caught on camera trying to poison her husband with drain cleaner.

Dr. Yue Yu was secretly filmed by her husband as she poured Drano into his drinks.

She was arrested on Thursday (August 4) by local police and held in Orange County Jail, but was released the following day after posting $30,000 bond.

In a press release, Irvine Police Department said an unnamed individual came forward on August 4 and told them he “suspected he was being poisoned by his wife.”

The man, identified as Dr Jack Chen by an attorney, had been sick for around a month and believed his wife was causing this by intentionally poisoning him.

Chen, a radiologist, managed to capture video evidence of her pouring the drain cleaner into drinks intended for him, and then handed this over to police.


As a result of the poisoning, the husband had sustained “significant internal injuries”, but he is expected to recover from these.

He has since filed for a restraining order against Yu and a divorce.

In the filing for the restraining order, he said he caught his wife putting drain cleaner in his hot lemonade drink on three occasions, NBC reports.

Yu is yet to be formally charged and her lawyer said she “vehemently and unequivocally denies ever attempting to poison her husband or anyone else.”

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