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09th Aug 2022

Man books first-class flights for himself and his best friend – but leaves wife in economy

Jack Peat

The shocking story has appeared on a Reddit board 

A wife abandoned her holiday after her husband booked first-class flights for himself and his best friend – but an economy seat for her.

The woman said her husband would go away for sporting events every year with his pal – but hadn’t left the country with her for years.

So this year, her husband invited her along too and paid for her ticket.

But she later found out her husband and his pal would be sat in first class – while her husband had booked her a ticket in ECONOMY.

‘Couldn’t understand’ 

After confronting her husband, who believed it was totally reasonable and couldn’t understand her frustration, she cancelled her spot on the trip.

But she took to Reddit after her husband criticised her for not being grateful – and readers slammed her hubby for his behaviour.

Her post said: “This year, my husband told me I could go with him and his friend since they were visiting a new destination.

“He paid for my ticket and everything else since I’m a SAHM and have no job.

“(…) However. When I found out that he had booked 1st class for himself and his friend while I got economy, I just couldn’t hold my tongue.

“I confronted him about it and he at first refused to discuss – then when the argument got heated, he yelled “I PAID FOR YOUR TICKET FFS!!! ISN’T THAT ENOUGH???”

“Then [he] kept on about how I should stop acting like I was ‘royalty’ and that if I come to think about it, even economy is fine for me since I ‘technically’ don’t work anyway.”


The wife told how she cried and decided to abandon the trip – and didn’t change her mind after her husband began “begging” her to go.

She added: “His friend sent me a text calling me entitled, and said this was the reason why he didn’t want my husband to take me with them and I just proved his point.

“I did not respond but I blocked him since he’s gotten increasingly rude over the past few months.”

She concluded her post by explaining that after years of her “crying about being excluded” that when he finally invites her, “this is what happens.”

She added: “By the way he’s perfectly capable of financing the trip.”


Reddit users rallied to confirm that she had done nothing wrong – and recommended she divorce him.

Many were quick to highlight that since she is a full-time stay-at-home-mum, meaning they don’t have to pay childcare expenses, her husband’s money is her money.

They said: “If you’re a SAHM then all the money he earns is SHARED FUNDS. There is no “him” paying, in fact you paid for his first class ticket as much as he paid for your economy ticket.

“The level of disrespect is astounding.

“Divorce him and get half plus alimony.”

Another agreed, adding: “If the family agreement is that your job is to stay home and care for the kids, then his money is 100% your money, too.

“You are not entitled for expecting to be treated as an equal in the relationship […]

“Your husband treats you like you don’t deserve nice things because you are not a wage earner.

“Sounds like your husband is more interested in keeping an unpaid nanny/caretaker rather than a wife/partner/equal.”

‘So rude’ 

Others slammed the husband for deciding to book her into economy, while he and his mate flew first class.

One questioned: “Is your husband having an affair with his friend? Why is his friend so rude to you and why is friend being treated like the spouse in this situation?”

Another agreed: “Your husband didn’t include you. You were excluded by being put in economy while him and his friend went to first class. His friend is worth more to him than you.”

Many urged her to FLEE the marriage – worrying it was a sign of worse to come.

A user said: “OP doesn’t need to become more independent within the marriage, she needs to get a divorce asap. What he is doing is financial and emotional abuse.”

Another warned: “I very very frequently believe people in this sub dramatically over use the word “abuse” and telling people to leave, divorce, etc.

“But in this case this is very very clearly financial abuse by your husband, who also just sounds like a nasty, cruel person.”

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