Woman admits to joining fuel queues because 'everyone else is' 9 months ago

Woman admits to joining fuel queues because 'everyone else is'

The fuel wars wage on!

As thousands of Brits queue for petrol across the UK, one woman in Hounslow, North London, only joined the lines because she had some serious fear of missing out.


Amid the growing fuel crisis in the UK - and as the debate on whether or not there was a fuel crisis to begin with continues to rage - one woman has admitted to only joined in with the fuel frenzy because everyone else was, reports the Express.

Speaking to Sky News, the woman said: "I'm only queueing because everybody else is queueing, to be honest.

"I need a bit of petrol. If it all runs out, I'm stuck; how am I going to get to work?"


"I don't have any petrol, and I went around last night to three or four petrol stations and they were closed. So I'm stuck in here," said another woman who has been searching for fuel since Saturday (September 25).

Another man said that although he had sufficient fuel for the time being, he had also joined the conquest for petrol in case he ran out over the coming days.

He said: "I'm quite low right now as well.


"I don't know what the situation is going to be in the coming days so I'd rather get some now than leave it any longer."

Despite the mass hysteria driving people to petrol stations, transport secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News on Sunday (September 26): "There's plenty of fuel, there's no shortage of the fuel within the country.

"So the most important thing is actually that people carry on as they normally would and fill up their cars when they normally would, then you won't have queues and you won't have shortages at the pump either."


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