UK’s oldest man says key to a long life is a chippy tea every week 2 months ago

UK’s oldest man says key to a long life is a chippy tea every week

He's reached the remarkable age of 109 - and says the secret lies in a chippy tea...

John Tinniswood is celebrating his 109th birthday this week, and his secret to a long life is actually a chippy dinner once a week. But the big question is, does John have curry sauce or mushy peas?


Born in Liverpool in 1912, but now living in Southport, John has lived through two world wars, the creation of the BBC, the Suffrage movement, and the founding of the United Nations.

“Always try never to exceed what you can normally do,” John told ITV Granada.

“Otherwise you’re going to injure yourself either physically or mentally, so always stay within your limits of what you can do.”

Upon opening his ninth card from the queen, John exclaims: "I could get a couple hundred quid for this."


"She hasn't given her phone number has she?" he smirks.

John currently lives in a residential nursing home in Southport, with one of his nurses saying: "He doesn’t want a fuss [and] in previous years he’s said being in his hundreds is no different to being in his 90s or 80s.”

“He’s a pleasure,” she concluded.

John says a chippy on a Friday and everything in moderation is the key to his brilliantly long life.

In his century-old wisdom, offering advice to those that want to live as long as him, he says:


“Well, that would be rather impudent in a way,” he said.

“Each do as he wants.”

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