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30th May 2017

Ukraine wins bizarre Twitter row with Russia with truly excellent Simpsons reference

Some serious shade thrown here.

Conor Heneghan

Sorry Russia, but there was only one winner here.

Fans of the show will tell you there’s almost no situation that can’t be related back to The Simpsons in some shape or form, but few could have foreseen one of the best comedies of all time being referenced in an official war of words between Russia and Ukraine.

It broke out in a style very befitting of 2017 on Tuesday, when the official Twitter accounts of both countries exchanged barbs about the history of their relationships with France.

In no time, diplomacy went out the window in a fairly bizarre and very public feud that wasn’t long attracting attention from the internet community all over the world.

With all due respect to those batting for the Russian team in this battle, however, Ukraine came out on top with a reference from The Simpsons that proved very appropriate to their particular argument under the circumstances.


For reference, below is the scene from which the GIF was taken, from the episode ‘Simpson Tide’ in the ninth season of The Simpsons, first broadcast way back in 1998.

Nearly two decades’ on, it’s still brilliant…

Clip via CRIS X