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17th Aug 2022

Time traveller’ claims to know exact date Queen will die

Kieran Galpin

@timetraveler_2082 Beware… #timetravel #getthenews #viral #spreadthenews #UHAVEBEENWARNED ♬ original sound - ⚠️WARNING:REAL TIME TRAVELER⚠️

They also said GTA 7 will come out in 2030

A time traveller from the year 2082 has claimed that they know exactly when the Queen will die, and according to their prediction, it’s pretty soon.

The unnamed time hopper, who goes by @timetraveller_2082 on TikTok, has warned that the Queen’s last days are approaching. They have also predicted a series of other events over the next 23 years.

“I am a real time traveller. In 2023, Big Ben collapses due to an unexpected earthquake. In 2030 GTA 7 is released,” they said, the latter of which is fairly accurate given how long it’s taking Rockstar to make number six.

@timetraveler_2082 BE WARNED #timetravel #lookout #fyp #LiveForTheChallenge #foryou #queen ♬ Scary – Background Sounds

According to the traveller, “Queen Elizabeth went in 2022, October 4. In 2046, Niagara Falls has a huge blockage and water levels start to rise. Be warned.”

TikTok users were naturally shocked by the revelation, with one person writing: “WhT?”

In response, the time traveller replied: “You can trust me.”

Of course, we trust them; what could be more trustworthy than an anonymous TikTok user who claims to be from the future?

@timetraveler_2082 Beware… #timetravel #getthenews #viral #spreadthenews #UHAVEBEENWARNED ♬ original sound – ⚠️WARNING:REAL TIME TRAVELER⚠️

The video then continues to detail a few other notable events, including Niagra falls becoming blocked and water levels rising.

“Be warned,” the video ends.

In a series of other videos, the time traveller describes other events coming our way. In 2026, there will be a whole day without light; in 2025, someone is going to space with a fox, and in 2024, we won’t be able to use technology for a whole day.

Reacting to the video, one user wrote: “These FAKE time travelers never have gud news to bring back from the FUTURE. Always some s*** to scare pple.. let’s see if the Queen checks out in 2022.”

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