TikToker 'picked up Gabby Petito's fiance alone' days after she went missing 10 months ago

TikToker 'picked up Gabby Petito's fiance alone' days after she went missing

Petito has been missing for weeks.

A TikToker has claimed that she and her boyfriend gave Gabriel Petito's boyfriend a lift five days after Petito was last seen.


In a video posted in her TikTok account, Miranda Baker said that she and her boyfriend were at Grand Teton National Park in Colter Bay, Wyoming, on August 29 when Laundrie approached the couple and asked them for a ride at 5.30pm.

She said: "He approached us asking us for a ride because he needed to go to Jackson and we were going to Jackson that night.

"So I said hop in, and he hopped in the back of my Jeep… he offered to pay us like, $200 to give him a ride for like 10 miles. So, that was kind of weird."


Before he got in the car he apparently offered the couple $200 to give him a 10-mile ride.

Petito was reported missing on September 11, 13 days after he parents last heard from her, and last week Laundrie was named a person-of-interest in the investigation into Petito's disappearance.

Baker said she has let the authorities know about the information she has and is helping them with their investigation.

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Petito has gathered a huge following on Instagram, posting about her 'van-life' travels across the US and the world and had been travelling with her fiance Laundrie.

But on September 1, Laundrie returned home alone from a trip with her and has reportedly refused to cooperate with police in the investigation into her whereabouts.

The case became more confusing when Petito's mother revealed that the last text she received from her daughter's phone suggested she was 800 miles away from her last known location.


She has said she believes Laundrie sent the text from her daughter's phone.

Laundrie has now also gone missing and hasn't been seen since Tuesday.

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