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12th Nov 2015

This is how Rob Lowe got his hands on a fabled McDonald’s Gold Card (Video)

We didn't even know these existed!

Ben Kenyon

McDonald’s has a secret.

We’re not talking a ‘Secret Menu’ worst-kept-secret kind of secret.

It’s a secret so secret that we didn’t even know it was a secret until Rob Lowe spilled the beans on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It’s the mythical McDonald’s Gold Card. Rumours had been swirling around online that these things existed – but only in the hands of an elite few.


Rumour has it that US billionnaire philanthropists Warren Buffet and Bill Gates had one of these glorious, glistening cards that apparently gets you free McDonald’s anywhere in the world…for life.

Rob Lowe became the owner of a McDonald’s Gold Card (one of the ones that only gets you free Maccy D’s for a year though) just last month.

So how the hell do you get one of these? You have to have powerful friends. The American actor knows the guy that actually invented the Egg McMuffin and the Ronald McDonald character.

All we know is we want one, and we will stop at nothing to get one…

Clip via Jimmy Kimmel Live