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27th Dec 2016

The mystery of the man seen dashing to an airport terminal with mistletoe has been solved

Love actually is all around.


Picture the scene. You’re on a bus and you see a man heading to the airport holding mistletoe.

Nothing else. No luggage. Not even a bag. Just mistletoe.

What do you think? Do you think nothing of it at all and get on with your day, or do you immediately envisage SOME LOVE ACTUALLY SH*T (not our block capitals).

Is it another scenario similar to Love Actually, with youngster Sam pacing through the airport to find his crush Joanna before she leaves the country?

Or might it have been a real-life repeat of the final ‘Friends’ episode, with Ross leaving it late to [SPOILERS] convince Rachel to get off a plane before it left New York for Paris.

Well, the mystery (mistlery? no.) has been solved, with the man at the centre of it all being alerted to his status as Mr Love Actually Sh*t. Yeah, that nickname might need a bit of work, bear with us.

His name is Tim Brown, and he was on his way to the airport not in a desperate attempt to stop someone from leaving, but rather in an effort to meet someone as they returned.

Actually that makes much more sense than whatever everyone else had in mind.

Perhaps all that Christmas cheer – not to mention a whole month of Love Actually reruns – gave tons of people the same idea all at the same time.

Now, if you’ll give us a minute, we’re off to listen to ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys on repeat.