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24th Dec 2021

Tesla owner blows up car and burns Musk effigy in protest at cost of replacing battery

Tesla owner blows up car in protest

A fitting way to protest the not-so-green electric manufacturer and its maniacal overlord

A man from Finland finally had enough of Elon Musk and paying through the nose for his electric cars, so he decided to detonate his car in protest. As you do.

As you can see in the clip below, Tesla owner Tuomas Katainen put together a team of demolition experts to blow up his 2013 Tesla S Model after his battery failed and was staring down a £17,000 repair bill for a replacement.

It’s fair to say he had a somewhat explosive reaction:

Collaborating with local YouTubers local ‘Pommijätkät’ – a.k.a. ‘Bomb Dudes’ in English – the 26-year-old strapped more than 66lbs (30kg) of dynamite to the side of the car, as well as packing in the interior with plenty of explosives.

While this is a fairly comical little statement on it’s own, perhaps the funniest thing about the entire thing is the resident ‘stuntman’ they stuck in the car. Yep, old Musky boy himself.

Well, not actually, obviously, but as you can see on the alternative video posted on Pommijätkät’s channel, a simple Musk effigy was created sticking a printout of his face to a crash test dummy. In truth, it looks closer to something you’d see kids putting together for ‘Penny for the Guy’ but we applaud the effort nonetheless.

Musk effigy

While Tesla owners naturally assume their purchase is not only easy on the environment but the pocket over the years – the warranty covering battery replacements if it drops below 70% within 150,000 miles/eight years of purchase – many have questioned just how ‘green’ the electric cars are in the grand scheme of things.

Moreover, owners of older models are now being left with hefty bills to maintain the car and replace parts like the battery altogether. All that being said, we are absolutely not complaining about seeing Tesla owners bursting their cars into flames simply to make point at Musk’s expense.

You can watch the full video down below:

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