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21st Oct 2015

Syrian refugee tripped by camerawoman is now being sued by her

We didn't think she could sink any lower...


When camerawoman Petra László was filmed tripping a refugee and his young son, we didn’t think she could sink much lower.

Apparently we were wrong, as she is now reportedly preparing to sue the man in question for changing his story about what happened – despite it being caught on camera.

László’s actions saw her sacked from her job, while refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen has since been given a position in Spanish football.


But now, according to Russian publication Izvestia, she will take legal action against Mohsen and against Facebook, who she claims failed to remove groups that targeted her over social media.

We believe Facebook played a major role in my situation,” she told Izvestia.

“It helped embitter people against me. After the trial – we hope it will take place in December – we’re going to sue the social network.”