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30th May 2024

Suspended driver shocks judge by turning up to court call while driving

Ryan Price

Being behind the wheel probably wasn’t the best way for him to argue his suspended licence charge.

A judge was stunned when a defendant charged with driving with a suspended licence appeared at his virtual court hearing while behind the wheel.

Judge Cedric Simpson in Ann Arbor, Michigan, can be seen with a dumbfounded expression on his face in the video below when Corey Harris appears via Zoom from the drivers seat of his vehicle.

The proceedings began with Judge Simpson asking the defendant: “Mr. Harris, are you driving?”.

“Actually, I’m pulling into my doctor’s office,” Harris responds. “Just give me one second. I’m parking right now.”

The public defender representing Harris, who was present in the courthouse, jumped in to ask the judge for an adjournment for “possibly up to four weeks if the court would allow.”

The judge, who seemed perplexed by what was unfolding before him, asked: “OK, so maybe I don’t understand something. This is a driving while license suspended [case], and he was just driving, and he didn’t have a license.”

“That is correct your honor,” the public defender responds.

The judge revoked Harris’s bond, and he was ordered to turn himself into the local county jail by that evening.

“I don’t even know why he would do that,” Simpson says.

People on social media found the video, and the exchange between the bemused judge and the seemingly unaware defendant, absolutely hilarious.

One person commented underneath the clip, which was posted to Twitter by journalist Colin Rugg: “Did he drive himself to jail too? You can’t make this up.”

Another person wrote: “How is this not parody? It’s real though, had to look it up for myself. His next hearing is on June 5th, should be an interesting one to watch.”

One other person added: “It’s amazing how some people can navigate through life with this level of thinking.”

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