Saints Row is getting a reboot six years after last instalment 11 months ago

Saints Row is getting a reboot six years after last instalment

Violence, crime, and neon lights - Saints Row is back

A Saints Row reboot is being teased by publisher Deep Silver, six years since Saints Row 4: Get Out of Hell was released. Geoff Keighley, who will host Gamescom's opening Livestream next week, has also hinted at its return.


The game series follows the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional street gang originally operating out of the Saint's Row district. By the third instalment, the 3rd Street Saints have risen to become a worldwide network of criminal activity, which the player can control.

The Saints Row official website has been updated with a large image of a brick wall reading 'rebooting' in graffiti print. Geoff Keighley tweeted Friday that the Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation will be "bossing" it with announcements, a reference to Saints Row's player character.


More announcements will come at Gamescom, which kicks off on August 25 at 11 am Pacific (2 pm Eastern, 7 pm BST).

In many ways, Saints Row is a lot like Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto.


Twitter use Spazz City tweeted: "If we get another Saints Row game like Saints Row 2 they can just have my bank account Respectfully."

Similarly, video host and producer Brian Altano tweeted: "Really excited about the idea of a new Saints Row game. GTA V came out in 2013 and aside from the Watch Dogs series there have basically been no modern open world sandbox games where you steal vehicles & shoot stuff since then, and I miss getting games like that. Hope it’s great!


"Not sure how we went from getting 12 GTA clones a year during the PS2/PS3 era to 'only Rockstar makes these games now' to 'Rockstar doesn’t even make new GTA games anymore, they just add stuff to their old one' in like a decade but I’m happy to finally see some competition."

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