Sainsbury's bans sales of fireworks at all UK stores 3 months ago

Sainsbury's bans sales of fireworks at all UK stores

Is this a step in the right direction?

Sainsbury's has banned the sale of fireworks ahead of the country's yearly Bonfire night celebrations that see the skies illuminated with colourful fire.


All 2,300 stores will be removing all products from their shelves leading up to November 5 and instead the supermarket is urging people to choose non-pyrotechnic options like spinning wands and glow sticks.

Though fireworks are not without their criticisms, a spokesperson for Sainsbury's is blaming the ban on a "range of factors".

The company explained: "We regularly review the products available in our stores and we are no longer selling fireworks based on a range of factors.

"Customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light-up spinning wands."

The decision comes amid a Scottish survey that discovered a vast majority of people support a ban on fireworks.

Though this is a landmark announcement for such a major retailer, this isn't the first time fireworks have been banned. The Co-op has not sold these seasonal pyrotechnics for the past five years, which makes Sainsbury's the second supermarket to turn its back on Bonfire night.


Though Sainsbury's is the only supermarket to ban fireworks, other stores are choosing to sell so-called 'silent' versions instead.

Asda is one said supermarket, with a spokesperson saying: "We know that many of our customers love fireworks, but we also know that some customers and their pets don't like the noise, which is why this year we have launched a collection of low noise fireworks so that everyone can still enjoy the show."

Though Aldi will continue ahead with the sale, they have said that it, "understands the importance of animal welfare when celebrating [with fireworks] which is why our sales materials include reminders that pets should be kept safe indoors along with advice on how to make them feel secure."

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