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11th Feb 2022

‘Normal toilet paper is gross’ says mum who washes reusable alternative with her clothes

April Curtin

She also uses reusable sanitary towels and tissues to blow her nose

She doesn’t even use normal toothpaste anymore…

A mum has revealed she uses a reusable alternative to toilet paper and throws it in with her clothes to wash.

Channon Rose has binned standard bog roll because it’s “gross”, and instead makes her own reusable toilet paper by cutting up wash clothes and sewing the edges so that the hem doesn’t come loose.

The toilet tip is one of several measures the mum of two uses to stop putting the squeeze on the environment.

She also uses reusable sanitary towels made from cloth – something which she believes may be giving her less cramps than disposable ones.

Speaking in her TikTok video, she said: “I think regular toilet paper is gross it gets crumbly and stuck, I’d rather have water and cloth.

“I just feel like it cleans me way better.

“Some people might think it’s gross, we have a bidet so it cleans us and we use reusable toilet paper to wipe dry. Then we throw this in our laundry and wash it with our regular clothes.”

The US mum’s unique methods of conservation don’t end there. She has also stopped buying regular toothpaste – buying tabs to reduce plastic. Making her own cloth tissues to blow her nose is another one of her handy tricks.

@channonrose1 Don’t mind my eyelash falling off through this whole video ? #reusabletoiletpaper #familycloth #zerowaste #ecofriendly #vegan #channonrose #zerowasteliving ♬ original sound – Channon Rose

While this is all obviously great for the environment, the mum says it saves her loads of money too.

Viewers were overall pretty impressed with her ideas, though some thought washing the toilet roll with the clothes might be a bit too far.

“Washing it together just seems unsanitary,” one said.

The mum let viewers know that she does keep regular toilet paper for guests when they come over in case they feel uncomfortable using reusable ones.

At least she’s not gone too out of cont-roll…

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