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21st May 2022

Rebekah Vardy claims ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial cost her lucrative career deals

Simon Bland


Vardy claims she lost out on a book deal and a brand partnership with placenta pills

Rebekah Vardy has claimed that her ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial with Coleen Rooney cost her lucrative career deals due to the allegations levelled against her.

Vardy sued Rooney for libel after the latter accused her of leaking private stories to the press in a social media moment that was quickly dubbed ‘Wagatha Christie’ due to its dramatic bombshell reveal and footballer’s spouse origins.

The high court finished hearing the case earlier this week, with judge Justice Steyn saying she will reveal her ruling at a later date.

However amid the evidence provided in the £3m case – which was revealed yesterday – Vardy has claimed that the accusations directed at her by Rooney had “impacted” her work and ultimately led to the loss of a “potential book deal that was turned down” – according to The Mirror.

What’s more, Vardy continues to explain that she believes the ‘Wagatha Christie’ case also led to her losing an endorsement deal with a brand of placenta capsules.

As per reports by the Mail Online, Vardy suggested that she had a midwife company ready and waiting to make placenta pills for her following the birth of her fifth child Olivia before the company pulled out after reports of Rooney’s allegations surfaced.

“I had a midwife company lined up to make placenta capsules and they pulled out weeks before the birth,” claims Vardy.

This news follows a batch of recently released documents which have since been labelled the ‘Wagatha Files’ by the press. Released within these papers was a witness statement which, according to the Mail Online, read: “[The allegations have] also impacted on my work.

“We had a potential book deal that was turned down in the wake of the Post. No one wanted to be involved with anything that was potentially going to end up in a court case, and because, although they didn’t necessarily say it to me, of the damage to my reputation.

Vardy added: “I still get extremely stressed by live television or going into any environment where there is press because of the fear that someone will bring it up.”

The files also contained previously unseen Instagram pictures showing Rooney in bed with her three sons and screen-grabs of Whatsapp messages between Vardy and her footballer husband Jamie.

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