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31st Jan 2022

Pregnant man and biting lip emojis coming to iPhone this week

Charlie Herbert

Step aside aubergine, the biting lip emoji is here

A raft of 37 new emojis are set to be introduced to iPhones this week, including a pregnant man and a biting lip symbol.

The new emojis are now available in a beta version of the iOS 15.4 software update.

Released on Thursday, the beta is an opportunity for Apple to test out new software features on some users before the full release later this year.

Seven new smileys will also debut on iOS 15.4 including melting face, dotted line face, face holding back tears and face with diagonal mouth.

Some of the other new emojis being added are a motorcycle tyre, a slide, a disco ball, a troll with a club, coral, kidney beans and a low battery.

The main focus this time is on gender inclusivity, with emojis like the pregnant man and pregnant person set to be included.

These are to recognise that “pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people” according to Emojipedia, which is part of the Unicode Consortium, the central bank for all approved emoji.

“Since 2019, vendors have been making considerable efforts to offer all people emojis with three different gender variants – one ‘Man’, one ‘Woman’, and a non-gender-specifying ‘Person’,” said Keith Broni at Emojipedia.

“This latest Apple beta update continues this trend by adding two new gender neutral people emojis in the form of Person with Crown and Pregnant person, as well as adding a new Pregnant Man emoji.”

The full list of available emojis from the Unicode Consortium now stands at 3,633.

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