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16th Feb 2022

Piers Morgan demands ‘snivelling coward’ Prince Andrew be stripped of royal titles he has left

Kieran Galpin

Prince Andrew suggests Virginia Giuffre may have 'false memories'

Morgan took a break from writing about Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan has demanded that the “snivelling coward” Price Andrew be stripped of any royal titles he still possesses.

Following the news that the Prince Andrew had settled with his accuser Virginia Giuffre, the former Good Morning Britain presenter slammed the Duke of York in his column for The Sun.

“By paying a massive cheque to avoid a showdown in court, he’s confirmed himself to be a snivelling little coward whose denials and demands weren’t worth the paper they were written on,” he wrote.

Morgan also touched on Andrew’s pledge to “demonstrate his regret for his association with Epstein, but supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking.”

He wrote: “The very last person any victim of evil sex trafficking needs support from is a man who hung out for years with two evil sex traffickers and who just paid vast sums of money to avoid facing a trial over his own alleged involvement and participation.”

Morgan claims that the Duke settled as he was due to be questioned by American lawyer David Boies, who had previously held Bill Gates to account.

He continued: “The prospect of Her Majesty being dragged into this repulsive sewer at the age of 95, with all the salacious global headlines that would have inevitably ensued, was an outrageous, totally unacceptable situation which could have inflicted terminal damage on the Monarchy.”

The Queen, who revoked Andrew’s royal status last month, will aid in paying the £12m settlement using her private estate. The Queen’s contribution to the settlement will come from her Duchy of Lancaster estate, which is worth more than £23m, reports the Telegraph. It’s not yet clear how much she will contribute.

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