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12th Sep 2022

Piers Morgan applauds Princess Anne who ‘never gets enough credit for her selfless devotion’

Steve Hopkins

Morgan said the Princess represents the ‘very best of royalty’

Piers Morgan has applauded the “selfless devotion” of Princess Anne who he says “never gets enough credit”.

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral on September 8, aged 96, and several members of the royal family, including Princess Anne, journeyed to Balmoral to be with her.

Over the weekend, the Princess followed the procession led by her late mother’s hearse from Balmoral to Edinburgh, a six-hour journey.

After the Queen’s death, her coffin was taken from the castle, through the Highlands, down to Edinburgh’s Royal Holyroodhouse ahead of her funeral on September 19.

Morgan tweeted his admiration for the 72-year-old Princess as photos emerged of her in the motorcade looking grief-stricken and tired.

He wrote: “Princess Anne is being driven in a car behind her mother’s hearse for six hours from Balmoral to Edinburgh, grief etched on her face.

“Anne never gets enough credit for her own selfless devotion to duty and decorum. Like the late Queen, she represents the very best of royalty.”

The TalkTV host has previously supported the idea of moving Princess Anne up the line of succession in order for her to replace Prince Harry, whose fallen out of favour in recent years after leaving the royal household for California, where he started a new life with his wife, Meghan Markle.

Metro noted that in a 2021 interview with Hugo Vickers on Good Morning, Morgan suggested: “Shall we all agree that Princess Anne should be somewhere higher up on the line?”

Now that her brother Charles sits the throne after his proclamation on Saturday, Princess Anne is currently 16th in the line of succession. Her other brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, are 8th and 13th in line.

Reports have emerged that Princess Anne and King Charles were the only two royal family members to be at the Queen’s bedside during her final hours. News of her death was announced at 6.30pm, but it has been suggested she died around 2.37pm.

Princess Anne remains one of Britain’s most popular royals. She quietly goes about her duties with dignity while other royals spark endless headlines.

She has also been praised for allowing her two children, Olympic silver-medallist Zara Tindall and businessman Peter Phillips, to find their own way in life.

Princess Anne has also probably endeared herself to the public by appearing more like us. She has been fined on three occasions for speeding after insisting on driving herself to various public engagements down the years.

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