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12th Sep 2016

People can’t stop taking the piss out of David Cameron after he resigned as an MP

Ta ra mate.

Carl Anka

 David Cameron has announced he is to resign as an MP.

The former Prime Minister stated his intention to step down from his role as MP of Witney.

In a statement reported by the Press Association on Monday, Cameron said “Having fully considered my position over the summer, I have decided that I am going to stand down as the member of parliament for Witney.”

Cameron has held the seat since 2001, and the decision will now trigger a by-election in the Oxfordshire seat.

And so the British people reacted in the same way they always do…. 

By taking the piss.

To be honest, there was a lot to take the piss out of…

Like… a lot:

For someone who never seemed to be able to crack a decent joke, there seems to be a surprising amount of humour around Cameron now:

Some people found the timing of his resignation quite enjoyable:

While others tittered about his dramatic fall from grace:

Even Gary was getting in on it:

There was a consistent joke that kept popping up:






But mostly, it was people just glad David Cameron is gone:


David Cameron