Priti Patel accuses the left of attempting to 'monopolise' race and immigration 11 months ago

Priti Patel accuses the left of attempting to 'monopolise' race and immigration

Speaking at an event on immigration the home secretary hit out at the left and accused it of trying to control the narrative around issues of race and immigration

Home secretary Priti Patel appeared as the keynote speaker at an event today by Bright Blue and British Future on the topic of "What next on immigration?"


Bright Blue is a Conservative think tank, with British Future being a think tank focusing on issues surrounding human rights.

"[The left] have the audacity to think that they own the monopoly of thought on the issue of race and immigration," Patel told the conference.

"But let me make one thing absolutely clear: they do not.


"Neither do they speak for the silent majority who look to their government to establish the appropriate measures and controls on who settles in the UK."

Patel's policies on immigration have long been controversial, earlier this year leaks suggested the Home Office were considering using wave machines to deter migrants crossing the channel.

Other leaked proposals included sending migrants to processing centres on Ascension Island off the coast of the African continent.

During the conference, she also defended her policy that triggered a protest in Glasgow after immigration enforcement attempted to remove people during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.


The protest was so successful that it resulted in the police releasing the detainees, and the Home Office's attempts to remove them was condemned by Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Patel said she would not be reviewing the policy that led to the protests.


"We will continue to do that, that is effectively what the British public have voted for, what they want," she said.

"And actually it's part of my legal duty, as well, and my responsibilities."