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07th Apr 2022

Heartwarming moment husky is reunited with its owner in Ukrainian city of Bucha

Danny Jones

Ukrainian man reunited with his husky

Listen to the pure elation of that yelp

In a rare moment of positivity amid Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, a man in Bucha has been reunited with his pet husky thanks to the efforts of Belarusian fighters.

As you can see in the clip posted to the Battalion of Kastus Kalinouski’s Telegram page and reshared on Instagram, the female husky known as Nessie can be seen trotting down the roads of the Ukrainian town. After spotting her owner in the distance, she then begins sprinting in excitement before jumping into his arms and running around in pure joy.

Those little yelps and high-volume howls of happiness are a much-needed dose of wholesomeness.

The soldiers are said to have found the stray dog wandering the besieged town located on the outskirts of Kyiv after Russian forces pulled out of the area. Bucha has been the site of constant bombardment and apparent atrocities in recent weeks.

Using their connections and online networks like Telegram – which have become an even more vital source of information following the invasion – the troops manage to track down the adorable dog’s owner and organised a reunion at a supermarket parking lot, The Express reports.

As the caption to the video reads, this moment serves as “A little positivity in these difficult times.

“During Bucha’s release [from Russian occupation] we found Nessie’s the dog left alone. But thanks to our friends we found her owners and today she is back to them. Look at this emotional moment.”

The battalion went on to write, “as long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal!”.

Bucha is one of many regions across the nation that has been subject to horrific conditions amid the fighting, with cities such as Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, as well as the capital Kyiv all being targeted.

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