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28th Sep 2015

New rulebook says strictly ‘no lewd acts’ with Pepper the robot

Exterminate those feelings...


Pepper the robot might be able to perform the ‘Macarena’ – but you definitely cannot have sex with it.

The latest creation from Aldebaran, Pepper is the world’s first emotional robot designed to live with humans which will work out how you’re feeling and adapt accordingly.

But before anyone gets excited about the 4ft robot satisfying any and every desire, the new rule book says if you buy it, you can’t have sex with it.

The company’s rules say that ‘sexual intercourse’ and ‘lewd acts’ with Pepper are banned – you’re not even allowed to hack the robot’s vocal software to make it sound sexier either.

SoftBank has made a users agreement for any customers wanting to get too friendly with the machine, although we’re not sure how they’re going to prevent it from happening.

Maybe it squirts ink at the first sign of amorous activity, or worse…