Mum demands babysitter pay compensation after feeding veggie kids meat 8 months ago

Mum demands babysitter pay compensation after feeding veggie kids meat

The mum apparently said the babysitter should pay compensation for 'emotional abuse'

A babysitter has claimed that a mum demanded she pay compensation for accidentally feeding her vegetarian kids meat.


The 19-year-old babysitter said she was asked to look after a couple's boy and girl, aged nine and seven respectively.

The babysitter explained that because the two children had been well-behaved, she decided to treat them to some chicken nuggets from McDonald's.

But the two children were vegetarian, something that the parents had forgotten to mention to the babysitter.


When the couple returned home and found their children eating meat, a row ensued between the mother and the babysitter.

The babysitter said: "The mum came home early and saw her children eating chicken nuggets. She literally ripped the nuggets out of their hands and started screaming that I'm horrible for allowing her children to eat dead corpses and yelling at her children for eating the meat.

"She kicked me out without paying me and then later text me saying that I need to pay her $300 (£227) for each kid for the emotional damage I have caused them and if I didn’t she’d take me to court."

The threat of court was not something that worried the babysitter apparently, as both her dad and brother are lawyers.


She said that the mum told her not to "just assume everyone eats meat."

She wrote on Reddit: "I refused to pay the money and told her that she should have told me that she was vegetarian and I would have made sure to completely respect her family diet choice and since she didn't tell me it’s not my fault."

Many were supportive of her on Reddit, with some saying that not only should she ignore the request for the $300 but that she should also go after the money she is owed for looking after the kids.

One person commented: "It was her responsibility to tell you her kids were vegetarian. She still owes you money for babysitting. I’d be willing to bet she has pulled this stunt before to get out of paying and maybe try to get some extra cash."


Another said: "Give her contact info to your lawyers. Ask her when you can expect to be paid or if you should settle that as well in court."

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