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23rd Aug 2021

Bride horrified as mother-in-law insists she will also wear wedding dress to ceremony

Charlie Herbert

“I will wear whatever f*cking dress I please”

Wearing white to someone else’s wedding never goes does well. But this takes the cake.

One poor bride-to-be has hit out at her mother-in-law’s plans to not just wear white to her wedding but actually wear her old wedding dress. The one she wore when she married the groom’s father.

The unknown bride-to-be posted in a Facebook group that she is “at an absolute loss for words”, although she had plenty to say about her mother-in-law, who she described as “unimaginably vile and 2-faced”.

The bride-to-be writes: “I am at an absolute loss for words right now. My fiance told me that his mother had chosen a dress for our wedding and that she wanted to show me.

“Our wedding is in November 2022 mind you, and we haven’t even started to look for dresses yet. I have absolutely no idea what to do right now.”

She went on to say she hadn’t told her fiance yet, “as he is an absolute mama’s boy and (I) don’t want to stir up any drama”, but asked for help.

“I will be praying every night that she texts me back ‘sike’ but unfortunately this woman is just unimaginably vile and 2-faced.”

The horror story resurfaced in Reddit last week when someone posted about the worst mother-in-law story they’d ever seen, dubbing her the “Wicked Witch of the Wedding”.

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The bride-to-be shared screenshots of the text exchange with her mother-in-law, which took a turn for the worse when she inquired about what she would wear to the nuptials.

In an attempt to appease, she initially stated, “I’m sure it’s stunning on you.”

The mother-in-law replied: “You have already seen it. Did I not show you my wedding album last weekend?”

She then sends a pic of the white gown laid out on the floor.

The bride tentatively replied: “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but you’re planning on wearing your wedding dress to our wedding?

“We could help you find a similar one that fits our planned colours instead!”

At this point, the mother-in-law truly shows her true colours, writing: “Do not play these games with me you skank.

“It is MY son’s wedding and I am paying for over half of it.

“I will wear whatever f***ing dress I please and if you have something to say about it… well, good luck to your family because Lord knows they are too poor to afford it seeing as I am already paying for more than half.

“Don’t you dare even think about trying to ruin this moment for me.”

She then tries to guilt-trip her son’s fiance, saying: “You know the rest of my children will not get married in my lifetime and this is the only wedding of my children that I will be a part of.”

The Reddit user who shared the story later posted updates, showing the bride-to-be telling her fiance about the exchange. He reacts angrily to his mother’s actions, saying: “That is not my mother that is a demon in her skin.”

He tells his fiance that he will call his mum about the wedding dress.

The bride-to-be told her fiance about the exchange (credit: Imgur)

The mother-in-law then kicks off at her son’s partner when he gets in touch with her about the dress.

She texted: “How dare you do you have no respect?

“We have been so gracious to accept you into our family and THIS is how you repay us?? By making our family look like horrible people to the Facebook?

The mother-in-law adds: “You can finally have my blessing… to leave my son alone BITCH.”

mother in law wedding dressThe mother-in-law gets back in touch with the bride to be after her son confronts her over the wedding dress (credit: Imgur)

Reddit users were understandably disgusted at the behaviour from the mother-in-law.

One commented: “Every guest will be there looking at the mil and wondering wtf is wrong with her… It still sucks, but I feel like it just outs the wearer as psycho to all her friends and family”.

Another added: “I think if my MIL called me a skank I’d be declining to contact her ever again.”

And third wrote: “Either MIL is banned from the wedding or there is no wedding.”

Others called on the mother’s son to stand up to her and said if he didn’t do so then the wedding should be called off.