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30th Jan 2023

YouTuber MrBeast cures 1,000 people of blindness

Charlie Herbert

‘He is better than 99% politicians out there’

MrBeast has cured 1,000 people of their blindness in his latest video in a staggering display of generosity and kindness.

MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – is the most followed person on YouTube, with 130 million subscribers.

Having started out on the platform in 2012, he has gained popularity for his outlandish videos, such as spending 50 hours buried alive or buying everything in a store, but also his giveaway videos in which he will often offer huge sums of cash to people for completing tasks or winning challenges.

MrBeast’s latest video is arguably his most heartwarming and worthy yet though, as he provided 1,000 blind people with the surgery needed to restore their sight.

In the video, which has been viewed 44 million times in just a day, MrBeast starts by explaining that while blindness is permanent for some people, it can be cured by a simple procedure in a lot of cases.

He said: “They can’t see but we have all the technology to fix this.”

Many were left overwhelmed by the YouTuber’s kindness (MrBeast/YouTube)

A doctor then replied: “Half of all the blindness in the world is people who need a 10-minute surgery.”

The YouTuber explained the brief surgical procedure, saying: “If you’re wondering how the surgery allows people to see again, it’s because the lens in their eyes is so cloudy that they can’t see through it.

“So the surgeon uses a tiny vacuum to suck up the clouded lens. And replace it with an artificial one. The surgery is that simple! They can see again.”

As you can imagine, the video was filled with some beautifully tear-jerking scenes of some of the 1,000 people after the life-changing the surgery.

Perhaps no moment encapsulated how significant the YouTuber’s kindness was for them than one person looking down at MrBeast’s wrist to see his watch before explaining that he’d never been able to read the time before.

And he didn’t stop there either, handing out a number of other gifts to some of the people in the video. This included one boy who, after having had his eyesight restored, was handed a cheque for $50,000 by MrBeast so that he could go to college.

MrBeast gave one boy the money to go to college (MrBeast/YouTube)

Many were staggered by Donaldson’s generosity, and praised him for using his wealth to have a real-world impact on people who need help.

One person wrote under the video: “Funny how Jimmy is better than 99% politicians out there.”

“He went from giving people stuff and crazy challenges to changing people’s lives for the better. This is amazing,” added a second.

A third commented: “I myself have very bad eyesight and I really understand the people you helped.

“This is absolutely incredible and deserves a lot of respect.”

“What an incredible person you are Jimmy, you deserve all this success,” wrote a fourth, while a fifth added: “Hope you do more of these things for the world. Much appreciated!”

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