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29th Oct 2021

Mortified woman realises she’s been accidentally flashing neighbours from bathroom window

Charlie Herbert

Woman realises she has been accidentally flashing neighbours

Not-so-frosted glass

A woman has had the worrying realisation that she may have spent months flashing neighbours and other residents on her street without realising.

Jill Santom, who lives in Tennessee, made the discovery after deciding to test how effective the frosted glass window in her bathroom was.

The mother had begun having concerns about its frosted-ness after collecting her mail one evening and noticing how bright the glare from the bathroom was.

In a TikTok video, she wrote: “I felt like people could see me even though it’s frosted glass.

“So I asked my husband to pretend he’s showering so I could see.”

And sure enough, the outline of his figure was worryingly clear…

@mama_jill34His commitment to “fake showering” is impressive ?♬ original sound – jillsantom

The video has amassed more than eight million views, with Santom then deciding to do a follow-up investigation the next day, in daylight.

Although the bathroom window is on the side of their home, Santom said it “might as well” be at the front because it overlooks most of the street.

She asked her teenage daughter t0 stand by the window to demonstrate this and you can clearly make out that she is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans in the video.

Santom couldn’t hide her shock either, exclaiming: “That’s REALLY clear. The window has spoken… night-time showers are better.”

@mama_jill34Part2: I didn’t think it was that bad when I originally posted. ?♬ Oh No – Kreepa

One horrified user replied with: “You might as well be bathing on your front lawn.”

Another added: “I definitely expected the daytime to be less see-through!”

“I would have to move,” said a third. “I wouldn’t be able to speak to the neighbours anymore.”

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