Meta's new logo is already being absolutely roasted online 8 months ago

Meta's new logo is already being absolutely roasted online

Facebook might have had an identity change but anything to do with 'The Zuck' is still infinitely memeable

Following Facebook's name change to Meta, people have been enjoying the inevitable new stream of comedy content.


'The Artist Formerly Known As Facebook' also dropped its new logo and while the previous one wasn't exactly revolutionary, it's safe to say this new Meta logo is fairly familiar.


Hmm, interesting. I mean, fair enough - I don't think this part of the Office package is at the forefront of everyone minds.

Hang on a minute now...


*DJ Khaled voice* "Another one":

I mean, it's almost like rather than Meta logo copying everyone else, pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry uses the infinity symbol because any graphic designer (or person with access to a computer for that matter) could create it:


Even The Office did this meme back in 2007 (good reference by the way, Nick):


And, of course, there's always one - by which we mean: everyone, including us, when straight to childish d*ck humour the second we saw two slightly droopy ovals.

Still funny though.


That being said, not everyone's sense of humour is as crude and adolescent as us lot and some people have drawn some genuinely staggering comparisons.

This one is simple but effective:

But for us, there's only one Meta meme that we saw on social media that absolutely takes the cake...

By cake we, of course, mean the kind you absolutely work in the club when Sean Paul comes on:

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