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05th Jun 2023

Met Office reveals exact date temperatures are set to hit 27C

Steve Hopkins

Advice on sun protection is already being issued

Temperatures are set to reach 26C or 27C on Thursday, in what will be the hottest day of the year.

Until now, the warmest day was last Tuesday, in Porthmadog, north Wales, when the mercury reached 25.1C.

On Sunday, temperatures hovered around the 25C-mark and UK beaches were crowded with people keen to get in a swim. Porthmadog hit 25C, while Castlederg, Northern Ireland, was slightly cooler at 24.5C. It was 24.2C in Bournemouth and 24.1C in Glasgow.

This week, The Met office said, will bring plenty of sunshine, with the warmest weather expected in the west.

The Met Office said Monday that after a “cloudy start” it will be a “mostly sunny afternoon, feeling pleasantly warm”.

Earlier today, central and eastern areas experienced a cloudy start, but the clouds dissipated towards the east, making way for the sun.

The far southeast experienced breezy conditions.

Some patchy drizzle is expected on upslopes, while clear spells in other areas will lead to chilly temperatures for the time of the year.

Tuesday isn’t expected to be as warm, with some areas due to remain overcast and chilly.

However, the weather will be best in the west, with warm temperatures expected.

The rest of the week, the weather is expected to be warm and settled, with highs climbing on the previous week.

According to the Met Office, temperatures could hit 26C or 27C in Wales and the southwest of England.

But, those in the south, may still need an umbrella, with showers expected towards the end of the week.

Greg Dewhurst of the Met Office said: “There will be lots of dry weather, with the sunnier skies always in the west and cloudier in the east.

‚ÄúTemperatures are going to be similar, if not a little bit higher, towards the end of the week. This west-east split will be continuing with temperatures as well.”

In western parts of the UK, temperatures aren’t expected to exceed the mid-20s, and on the eastern side of the UK, mid-to-high teens are more likely.

The southwest may become windier as we near the weekend.

Between 15 and 17 June 2022, temperatures in Kew, London, reached at least 28C, the official heatwave threshold at that location for that time of year. On 17 June, a high of 32.7 C (was recorded in Santon Downham, Suffolk.

During the heat wave in 2022, the highest temperature recorded in the United Kingdom was 40.3 degrees Celsius on July 19 at Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

The heatwave led to a spike in deaths on 19 and 20 July, the Office for National Statistics revealed in data deaths data.

The hottest day on record resulted in 638 more deaths in England than normal, the Guardian reported. The following day, when temperatures remained almost as high, 496 more people died than would usually be expected.

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