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14th Feb 2023

McDonald’s to bring back six fan favourites in big menu update

Charlie Herbert

McDonald's menu update

Good news for fans of spice

McDonald’s has announced that some iconic fan favourites are set to return to the menus at their UK and Ireland restaurants on Wednesday, February 15 for a limited time.

These big menu changes should delight lovers of the fast food chain, particularly those who like it hot, as the changes will see the McSpicy return as a permanent fixture.

It won’t be alone, with the iconic Grand Big Mac and Grand Big Mac with Bacon also returning to the menu.

Meanwhile, if you fancy something on the side, then Chilli Cheese bites are making a comeback. These first appeared in McDonald’s in 2021.

And we’ll also be welcoming back two McFlurry flavours – Galaxy Chocolate and Galaxy Caramel.

The additions will be available at restaurants for a six week period starting from tomorrow, except the McSpicy, which is here to stay.

The McSpicy will set customers back £4.79 on its own or £6.29 as a meal, while the Grand Big Mac is on the menu for £4.89 or £6.49 as a meal. Adding bacon takes this price up to £5.69 or £7.29 for a meal deal.

A portion of four Chilli Cheese bites in batter and a tomato dip is priced at £2.29 or £6.29 for a sharebox version.

You’ll probably be after something cool to finish if you’ve had the McSpicy or the Chilli Cheese bites (or both if you really like your heat). In which case, you can cool off with the Galaxy Chocolate and Galaxy Caramel McFlurry, made with soft dairy ice cream, swirled with pieces of Galaxy chocolate and topped with either Galaxy chocolate sauce or a Galaxy caramel sauce.

These are £1.99 but are also available mini-sized, for £1.49.

The McSpicy is now the second chicken burger to find a permanent home on the Maccies menu in the past year, after the McCrispy was also added to the year-round menu in October.

In honour of its permanent return, rapper AJ Tracey hung out with friends and fans at the Ladbroke Grove Maccies, where he got the chance to make his very own McSpicy, in full McDonald’s uniform.

Commenting on the return of McSpicy, AJ said: “As someone from the Caribbean, for me, McSpicy is the first actually spicy burger. It’s something we embrace and we love, so it’s just really nice to be honest. McSpicy is here to stay permanently!”

The burger features a spicy chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce and mayo between toasted sesame seed bun, and was last featured on the menu in 2022 when it had a limited run from April 27 until June 6.

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