Man wins $10m lottery for second time in three years 5 months ago

Man wins $10m lottery for second time in three years

Some guys get all the luck

A man from New York has won $10m (£7.47m) on the lottery - for the second time in three years.


Juan Hernandez bagged the top prize on the $350m (£261.64m) Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket after purchasing it from Stop & Shop in Hempstead.

In 2019, he won $10m on the same game and has admitted that (unsurprisingly) he's still trying to spend those winnings.

Well, now he has a nice little top-up to that money, receiving a lump sum payment of $6,510,000 (£4,866,517.95) from the New York Lottery after required withholdings.


So what do you do when you win that much money once, let alone twice? According to billionaire Mark Cuban, there is one thing he'd advise you not to do - invest it.

He told Dallas News: “You don’t become a smart investor when you win the lottery.

"Don’t make investments. You can put it in the bank and live comfortably. Forever."

With investing comes an element of risk, so if you don't bother investing "you'll sleep a lot better knowing you won't lose money."


Cuban also warns that you're likely to get a few more friendly messages from friends and family and that you could turn into an ATM machine if you're not careful.

“Tell all your friends and relatives no,” he said.

“They will ask. Tell them no. Feel free to help some, but talk to your accountant before you do anything.”

Meanwhile, Andy Carter, a senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery, advises that you "take your time" after winning that much money and don't forget to celebrate it.


He told the Sun: "When people do win, it suddenly becomes serious, so people aren't often as gregarious as they think they will be.

"It is a bit of a huge shock. And sometimes you can be sort of concerned with the shock, you forget to celebrate."

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