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11th Sep 2015

Man who played a murderer on Crimewatch is accused of the murder he was reenacting


Carl Kinsella

Your daily dose of ‘WTF?’

Actor Steve Watson, 53, portrayed the killer of Julia Pacey in a recreation of the incident for Crimewatch 21 years ago.

The episode of the police show was shown again earlier this year, and seems to have led viewers to contact the police accusing Watson himself of being the killer.

Watson has expressed his innocence, but police have yet to tell him that he is not a suspect…

He has had his DNA taken “and all sorts”, according to the actor. Watson believes that the show made the mistake of leaving his face on screen for too long, leading people to believe that he was the killer as opposed to a hired thespian.

We have no doubt that regardless of the outcome, this story will undoubtedly spawn many an urban legend.