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16th Sep 2023

Man caught in easyJet mile high romp reveals exactly how long he’d known holiday girl

Steve Hopkins

Piers Sawyer went viral after being caught during a Luton to Ibiza flight

The young man filmed joining the mile high club on a flight to Ibiza has told how he only met the woman involved after boarding and “didn’t even get her number.”

The 23-year-old went viral after a video emerged of a flight attendant opening a toilet door on September 8 – on a flight from Luton to the party destination – to reveal Piers Sawyer, trousers down, and a female passenger in front of him.

Speaking to The Sun, Piers revealed he met his mile high partner for the first time when he boarded the plane at 7pm, having started drinking at 10am with his older brother Harrison, 25, to celebrate recently turning 23.

Piers’ mum, Elaine Sawyer, a former model, earlier told of her shock at seeing her son’s escapade at 33,000 make the news.

“I was watching Loose Women and they were talking about it on there, and some of Piers’s friends started sending me the clip. It’s not something a mum wants to see,” the 51-year-old told the tabloid.

She added: “But he’s a 23-year-old single lad on his birthday, going to Ibiza. It’s a party plane. You just don’t think about stuff sometimes. Yes it’s embarrassing but I don’t think they were doing anyone any harm.”

Speaking about his new-found-fame at his mum’s flat in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Piers told The Sun he can barely remember the name of the passenger he shared a toilet cubicle with, saying it had “just happened after a long day of drinking.”

He told the publication how he spied the girl during boarding, as she was sitting in front of him and his brother with a friend, “she was 23 and good looking”.

“They turned round and started speaking to us,” Piers recalled.

“My brother said shall we swap seats, so she came and sat next to me.”

Some 40 minutes into the flight, Piers said “the idea came up and we just went for it.”

He said he believes the two flight attendants by the toilets saw the pair enter the lavatory.

One attendant was filmed opening the door to reveal the intimate scene, having been egged on by passengers.

Piers, who services cars, said: “Because I was so out of it, I didn’t really care but later on it hit me.”

The airline romance ended after the pair left baggage claim, although Piers told The Sun he has “though about the girl” since and noted it would be “good to see her again but I didn’t get her number.”

Piers said when he returned to the airport easyJet told him he can no longer fly with them, so he and his brother took a Tui flight to Stansted, then caught an Uber home, leaving him £360 poorer.

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