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10th Jul 2024

Man accidentally plays Titanic music on plane not realising he’s sat next to Kate Winslet


Welcome to today’s segment of ‘Scenes From Our Worst Nightmares’

An actor has said he can’t “keep embarrassing myself like this” after – unintentionally – playing the Titanic theme tune while sitting near Kate Winslet on a plane.

Flying is often fraught with difficulties and discomforts and makes a lot of travellers anxious.

It is also cramped and the seating lottery can really ruin things.

But actor Chris Olsen, ratcheted the tension up a few notches.

He forgot to connect his headphones before he started playing his music. And he just happened to want to play Celine Dion’s, My Heart Will Go On.

@chris KATE IF YOU SEE THIS IM SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW #storytime #katewinslet #titanic ♬ original sound – Chris Olsen

In a TikTok video that’s been viewed over 2.5m times, Olsen admits he needs to “start paying more attention to [his] surroundings” because he “cannot keep embarrassing [himself] like this”.

In the video, captioned – Kate if you see this, I’m sorry, I didn’t know – Olsen explained that he had a ticket for the third row, but “for some reason I get to the second row and I’m like great this is it”.

“There’s one woman who is already in the window seat and the middle seat between us is empty,” Olsen continued.

“Now at this point I’m ready to listen to some music, settle in and who is on my mind but Celine Dion. She cancelled her tour and so they were playing a bunch of her songs on the news.”

Olsen goes on to explain that he didn’t realise his AirPods were not connected so Celine “starts playing out loud”.

“I’m just kind of like skipping through her top hits at this moment like ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ plays for a second, ‘I Surrender’ plays for a second, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ plays for a little bit and this is all happening out loud but I don’t realise it.”

Reassuring himself that his music hadn’t been playing aloud that long, Olsen realised he was in the wrong seat and that a woman sat at the window had been looking over at him.

Olsen then moved to row three, where he was meant to be, but as he apologised to the woman in the window seat he finally clocked who she was.

He realised she “looks familiar”.

After “racking his brain” over whether he’d met her before or “something like that”, he spotted a script, with highlighted lines.

Olsen realised she might be an actor. And he was right, it was Oscar-winner Winslet, star of Titanic, the theme song of which he had just played aloud.

One commenter suggested the mistake may have been intentional, writing: “She was probably thinking you were playing it on purpose hahahahah.”

Another wrote: “How do these things just happen to you?’

A third added: “Welcome to today’s segment of ‘Scenes From Our Worst Nightmares’.”

Last month, The Office star, Rainn Wilson, delighted the internet after posting a video on Instagram showing a man sitting next to him on a Delta Airlines flight watching the popular show he starred in, unaware who was next to him.

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