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30th Jun 2017

Liam Payne has gone from hunk to Tory Boy in dramatic new look

What a transformation


What a transformation.

You wouldn’t think that a suit and a pair of glasses could change someone but Liam Payne looks completely different in photos taken yesterday.

The former One Direction star has joined the Queen’s Young Leaders programme, helping teenagers and young adults across the Commonwealth, and yesterday he rocked up to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and Prince Harry.

Liam Payne looks completely different

Thanks to his slicked back hair and round frames, the father of one looked like another person entirely and it wasn’t long before the Harry Potter – and Tory boy – comparisons started rolling in.
Liam was clearly honoured to meet the Queen, tweeting about their introduction last night and saying how privileged he was to hear the people involved in the initiative tell their stories.
Of course, when he changes his hair and goes without glasses, the transformation won’t last long but in this guise, you really wouldn’t know him as the pop singer who’s become so recognisable in recent years.