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09th Feb 2024

Katie Hopkins to take over Karen’s Diner for one night in UK city


Some might say she’s the perfect fit…

Controversial commentator Katie Hopkins is set to be making an appearance at the UK’s ‘rudest restaurant’.

For those who don’t know, Karen’s Diner is a chain restaurant with a difference.

First launched in Australia, the eatery relishes in having some of the worst service you will have ever experienced.

This is what makes the diner unique, in that people go to actually enjoy receiving poor service.

In a new post, Karen’s Diner confirmed that she was set to make appearances at two of their locations some point soon.

In a video accompanied by the Jaws theme tune, the video showed a host of other workers, before revealing Hopkins as the surprise guest.

They wrote alongside the post: “Who’s coming for a guest appearance at Karen’s Manchester and Birmingham?! Watch to the end…

“A bit like our Karens, she’s divisive, opinionated, brash and offensive… all of the qualities we admire.”

The 48-year-old is one of the most divisive figures in modern day Britain.

Having first rose to fame as a contestant on The Apprentice, Hopkins then turned to being a far-right commentator, with her views being so extreme that she has previously faced bans from social media sites such as X, formerly Twitter.

The ticket link for Hopkins’ events at Karen’s Diner explains that they are taking place ahead of her ‘Silly Cow Tour’.

Response to Hopkins’ appearance at the restaurants has caused a stir online.

“This is NOT an advertisement but Karen’s Diner in Prestwich is sinking lower and lower and has Katie Hopkins doing a show March 20 what the hell,” one person put.

A second said: “Katie Hopkins doing a guest appearance at f***ing Karen’s Diner never wanted a place to go under more oh my god.”

A third put: “Thank you for the warning. I shall avoid it like the plague.”

If you would like to see Hopkins in the flesh, you can grab tickets for the Karen’s Diner events at their Prestwich and Birmingham sites.