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14th Mar 2023

Karen’s Diner receives food hygiene rating of zero from inspectors

Charlie Herbert

Karen's Diner hygiene rating

It has only been open a month

A branch of Karen’s Diner, the restaurant chain that prides itself on delivering ‘great burgers and rude service,’ has been given a food hygiene rating of zero.

The chain is famous for deliberately providing awful customer service. Staff at the diner are instructed to be as rude as possible to customers, with customers also told to give it back to them as well.

But the food isn’t meant to also be bad.

A branch in Newport’s Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Wales, has been given the pitiful rating just weeks after opening in February.

Inspectors carried out their first visit on February 22, and ended up giving the restaurant the zero rating along with a long list on how the restaurant can improve, ITV News reports,

A spokesperson for Karen’s Diner in Newport said: “The visit took place five days after the official opening, whereby the restaurant had experienced delays with the gas installation. The fast hygiene inspection is thought to have been conducted due to the large media attention received by the opening of the immersive experience diner.

“Karen’s Diner remains committed in ensuring the utmost care and attention is provided when it comes to food and hygiene standards, and following advice on necessary improvements by Newport City Council, has requested a revisit for the diner to be rescored to its deserved hygiene level.

“Although an initial score rating of zero has been provided, Karen’s Diner would like to reassure its customers that the rectifications by Newport City Council were acted upon immediately, and the diner continues to celebrate positive comments and reviews by their guests.”

A spokesperson for Newport City Council said: “A food hygiene inspection was carried out at Karen’s Diner in Friars Walk within a week of opening to the public.

“Appropriate action was taken and the food hygiene rating will be published at the end of the month.”

Although a rock-bottom score like this is unique, there are a couple of other Karen’s Diners in the UK seem that have pretty below average scores.

The Food Standards Agency reports that the Sheffield branch has a rating of two, meaning that improvement is necessary, whilst the Birmingham restaurant has an even lower score of one, meaning major improvement is required.

The Karen’s Diner in Gillingham has a rating of five though.

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