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28th Sep 2022

Karen’s Diner customer was left in tears after staff called her a ‘filthy ranga’

Charlie Herbert

Karen’s Diner customer was left in tears after staff called her a ‘filthy ranga'

‘I was crying, I asked her to stop, and she just said no’

A woman has recalled how she was left in tears after staff at Karen’s Diner mocked her red hair.

Karen’s Diner has gathered worldwide fame for its unique customer experience.

Staff at the diner are instructed to be as rude as possible to customers, with customers also told to give it back to them as well.

It’s advertised as a way to let off some steam and provide what is for many a welcome relief from the over-politeness of everyday society.

But one woman in Australia has said she was reduced to tears after staff “bullied” her about her hair and called her a “filthy ranga” – a derogatory term for people with ginger hair.

Responding to a TikTok from earlier in the week in which a man kicked off at the staff in the diner for joking about his balding hair, she said that she had been really looking forward to visiting the diner with her sister because “I love roleplay, improv, acting, all of that stuff.”

But her experience was not what she had hoped for, describing it as “really horrible” as they “just literally bullied me about my hair.”

The Aussie woman recalled that she “started crying” because they way they spoke to her was “triggering.”

She said that when she asked staff to stop because of how upset she was, they said no.

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She finished the video by agreeing that the man’s treatment in the other TikTok was out of order and that body shaming people was a step too far.

The establishment does state in its rules to customers that “no racist, sexist, homophobic or ableist comments or slurs will be tolerated” and that there should be “no body shaming.”

Anyone who breaks these house rules will be asked to leave immediately, but it sounds like some of their own staff don’t adhere to these rules.

She said that she wouldn’t recommend anyone go to the diner unless they wanted to ‘pay to be bullied’.

The reaction to her video was divided. Whilst some sympathised with her, others pointed out that Karen’s Diner is very clear about the experience it offers to customers.

One user said: “That’s kinda the whole point.”

A second added: “Don’t go to Karen’s if you can’t take the heat, it’s like that on purpose.”

A third said: “How could you not know what it’s like before going?! I’ve seen plenty of videos and there is no way I would ever step foot in there.”

But others had sympathy for the woman, with one commenting: “Surely they should be able tell the difference between someone playfully telling them to stop, and someone literally wanting them to stop?”

Another said: “I thought the concept was supposed to be ‘bad service’ not ‘bad humans’ and this is all I ever see about this place.”

And a third recounted their own experience at the diner, saying: “I have a speech impediment and they called me the r word. I left without paying.”

The restaurant does give a warning to those who book a table with them which states: “Warning, rude language is used across our venues. We are not Disneyland. We strongly recommend minors to not attend past 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.”

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