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16th Apr 2022

Joe Biden tries to shake hands with thin air after finishing speech

Kieran Galpin

‘Why do all presidents have to be old?’

President Joe Biden looked completely bewildered as he turned to shake the hand of thin air following his press conference.

After concluding his nationwide speech regarding ongoing supply chain issues on April 14, Joe Biden turned to shake the hand of a person who was never there. Biden then proceeded to frantically look around the stage before aimlessly wandering around the event space. As music marked his exit, he was still confused, turning his back to the audience.

The 79-year-old had earlier claimed to have served as a “full professor” at the University of Pennsylvania despite never teaching a class at the school. Republicans are naturally questioning the President’s cognitive capabilities.

“#BidenIsALaughingstock” has been trending on Twitter all afternoon. Posts have seen enormous attention, with one from the Washington Free Beacon gaining 21k quote tweets and a further 27k retweets.

“This cant be real oh my god this is so funny,” wrote one user, to which another replied “this is literally how i act.”

Republican Lauren Boebert tweeted: “Biden wasn’t “shaking hands with a ghost” and we should stop making ridiculous jokes like that.

“He was shaking hands with his voters.”

“Why do all presidents have to be old, I mean these people should rest at home, and leave running a country to someone with fully functional brains,” another questioned.

Most people online are dubbing the incident as “sad”, while others have designated it “painful.”

“For God’s sake America! What possessed you to vote for Joe Biden? This is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world! Truly frightening,” another user scathed.

We guess his team will now add “Don’t shake hands with ghosts” to his “cheat sheet” which was revealed earlier this month.

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