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29th Aug 2016

Jackass’ Steve-O has managed to break both his legs in a new stunt

Imagine the poor man's insurance fees.

Carl Anka

Jackass star Steve-O is in his forties now, but time hasn’t dimmed his taste for the extreme.

The comedian and entertainer is still going strong, pulling off backyard stunts that make you wonder how high his insurance premiums must be.

Now aged 42, you’d think Steve-O would be too old to be pulling stuff off like this, but remember – this is a man who has a full portrait of himself tattooed on his back. Tearaway antics aren’t just a phase for Steve-O, they’re a way of life.

However, if you live by the sword (or do something rather unsafe with one), you should be prepared to die by the sword.

Or at least, be ready to get rather hurt.

Images emerged this weekend of Steve-O laid up in a hospital bed after breaking BOTH of his legs in a new stunt.

How bad was the legbreak?

Steve O Legbreak 1

That. Is not good. At all.

Steve-O shared two images of his double leg break on Snapchat (Username: steveosdick. Because of course it is.) and he seems to be taking the injury in stride.

Which one would expect, from someone who once used himself as a human dart board.

In a follow up instagram post the stunt comedian said, “I really did a number on myself today. Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways – wish me luck in surgery!”

Rest up Steve-O. Get some good Netflix shows on the go and take it easy. Get well soon mate.

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